It’s different for me

There’s a sense of urgency

A dream deferred

A dream preferred

A fire waiting to be ignited

Of pure excitement

Trust and ease


My fear is to be left on my own

Fighting off thoughts in this zone

Pondering about when

What was and what could’ve been.

While trying to focus on the present

A present not yet received.

A heart wrapped in ribbon

Waiting to be given

To the one that recognizes the blessing

And confessing

Imperfection and abundant love

Thanks be to the one above

For the promise of another

A friend. A lover. A protector. A provider.

The sense of urgency is different for me.

A dream deferred

A dream preferred

One day.. some day ..

It’ll all make sense,

An ease to all – that’s been tense.

I stopped counting after 40

Am I allowed to say that I miss you?

Without you getting squeamish and feeling trapped?

If the answer is yes, then I miss you.

If the answer is no, then why are we here ?

For you.

I’m writing you a poem

Because I know your eyes roam.

From afar

I daydream about you.

When near

I daydream about you too.

I think about your kisses your embrace

Your eyes and your face.

You make me smile all time

The witty responses, voice of sand and breeze, 2 dozen roses of fire, soca music running through mind.

I’d say more – but not today

The sun has set for you rising again for me

In its own way

Passionately marked in the sky

Prayers and wishes .. thankful for another day.

Like a puzzle piece.

I envision love like a section in a puzzle.
The pieces are oddly shaped and rarely straight.
Maybe it’s a color or part of picture or face. Maybe a word within a sentence of hope.
But the pre-designed image on the packaging, suggests there is a fit.
How frustrating it is to find a piece that almost fits, but it doesn’t…Frustrating.
So, we keep digging through the pile and connect what’s connectable; corners, edges..
Until one day, little by little the pieces align and the picture is much clearer.
I keep reminding myself…there is a fit.


We. Smile and laugh together.

We. explore recipes in the kitchen together.

We. Sweat together.

We. Netflix & chill together.

We. go for walks with the dog together.

We. take full body pics together.

We. protect each other.

We. kiss and makeup together.

We. see the world together.

We. talk to God together.

We. pay these bills together.

We. make babies together.

We. elevate together.