Skinned knees and shit

It doesn’t matter how good it sounds. How logical it seems. “In the long run it makes sense”. Walking away is and has never been easy.

Have you ever ran and tripped ( maybe as a kid) and skinned your knee? It’s red and bleeding and the skin has clearly been scrapped off. It hurts to walk. The tears are from shock. The pain hasn’t even really set in yet. You’re just reliving the trauma. How did that happen?! Oh yeah. I remember now. :: Cringe :: stupid! stupid! Stupid!

I’m never doing that again.

Now it’s time for the soap and water or peroxide (my mom is in nursing). You have to clean it or you’re loosing your leg! It’s not alcohol thank God! but we all know it’s gonna sting one way or another.

The pouring of the peroxide feels cool and painless… then it begins… the sting and simultaneous foaming. ( Fuuuck! That stings! ) ok but it’s working right?!

Ok I did my part. I handled it… like Olivia Pope.

Anddddd… the healing process begins. The ointment, the bandaids, the soreness, the limping, the discoloration, the accidental bang ( fuck that hurt! ) the itching, the scabbing.

Ok. The pain went away. The skin is growing back– you can see the pigment… Finally. Healing.

Pretty much back to normal.. but the scar remains. Reminding you to.. idk… slow the hell down, stop texting and walking, 3 shots of tequila is enough, the railing is there for a reason, DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!

( more than likely, we do it again.. smh )

We’ve all been there. We all know that we will heal.. but the process is rough. I’m just saying.



Still in a rut !!

Ok so .. Monday, I went to the gym for the first time in .. mmm.. maybe 2 months. 

Yeah it was in August when I last worked out; I took an aquafit class while in D.C. It was like yoga, but in a pool! Yasss!!  (#OAC2016 taught me some new tricks 🙂 

 In my opionion, I still look fly (takes kissy selfie lol) ..umm but I’m up 17lbs since this time last year tho. DAMN!                (My ass got fat, literally! )

Yes, a lot has changed in the past year. I don’t want to go into too many details but, the point is .. 

me + fitting my clothes from last year= fail. 

FML. I need to get it together! 

Stay tuned…


Weekend Two: Play with Light

The assignment was to practice using the Quality of Light throughout the day. I’m usually in Manhattan — so these pics are in Midtown East and on the Upper West Side.




 Valentine’s Day aka Singles Awarness Day (how rude!)

The day after VDAY2016… No hearts, no flowers, luckily no vomit either…Thank ya Jesus! 

Whew! I survived another year without a mate on Valentine’s Day. Listen.. I am all for the glitz and glamour, flowers, candy, wining and dining on this special day for lovers, but trust me when I say I gagged consistently throughout the day. I’m 31, single as a dollar bill and live in NewYork. You can imagine all the heart shaped balloons, obsessive kissing commercials and bouquets of flowers purposely being thrown in my face! Lol — yes it was on purpose damn it!

In the midst of accepting all this single-dom.. What stood out for me is,  it is a day to SHOW love– publicly lol. 

Can you agree that a lot of times it’s hard to accept it or even notice it, if it’s not in the way we want or from who we want. We block it out, turn our backs, shrug it off, or just plain ignore it ( lalala im not listening!!!) Then Valentine’s Day comes along and we wear black to celebrate “Singles Awarness Day” and are mad as hell. 

So the moral of this story is.. I don’t need to be reminded that I’m single (sheesh!) but maybe I should take a huge whiff of all that love in the air so next year I can blog about all the flowers, wining and dining — oooh and jewelry would be nice haha!