Pat on the back! 

What happens when you don’t acknowledge yourself? It is so easy to tear ourselves down and to talk about the things that we have not done and the things that we still have to do. How often do we take the time to acknowledge even the smallest thing that we did right? How can we do more things right, if we can’t even notice that we did them right in the first place? I am definitely a person who does not acknowledge myself.
I generally look for other people to praise my accomplishments and then get pissed off when people don’t. Having others validate, tends to make it real. 

But hello! They are MY accomplishments right?! That’s what I said… MY accomplishment. Not yours. Not his. Not hers. MINE. 
It is so important to be present and to understand that little things amount to big things. You’ve got to be happy with the little bit of movement that you made as opposed to focusing on that huge mountain you still have left to climb. Because you could be at the bottom. When you don’t pay attention to where you are, really … you might as well still be at the bottom. 
You did good Candace. Really good! Be proud. It’s okay. 


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