HEYYYYY Everyone! OMG This is sooo huge for me (and you!) I’m ready to take my passion for the fight against Obesity on the road and I hope you’ll fight with me 🙂

Please check out my campaign (here–>) FightWithMoxey and share, share and SHARE! Thank you for always supporting me! #FightWithMoxey

Xoxo – Miss Moxey 




    1. Thank you!! Being on this journey has really gotten me present to key components of wellness. For one, I volunteer as the facilitator for the weight loss support group at the hospital. My goal is to really engage the members. I love providing education and services. I work with the coordinator to host speakers and am having an event soon. I have worked as a weight loss consultant as well. I really want to do this on a large scale — working with organizations that provide health and wellness education, nutrition and fitness support– motivational speaking and realistic conversation. I am awaiting acceptance Into a social work program for non profit management. I am so inspired by not only my journey but the idea that we can truly help each other — this is disease is strenuous to say the least– and it never ends. To have solid support is key. ( I hope that answered your question 🙂



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