Hidden in a random pile of sweaters. I see a pair of jeans that look my size. I’ll try him on for fun. Besides, I could use a pair of jeans. 
He fit me so well!

So well that my curves are curvier, my legs are leaner, my butt is so round and plump. 
I feel beautiful, sexy and smart.  He needs my body to come alive! 

Of course, I’m buying him. 

He hangs in the front of my closet. I wear him all the time. Grocery shopping, out with the girls, with a blazer to work. I even thought about wearing him to a wedding once. He’s easily my favorite pair of jeans.

He fits me so well!

Now there’s a small, red wine stain on the left thigh– from that crazy night at dinner. One of the belt loops are broken. The blue is faded. They’ve stretched out a bit. Just adds a little character right?

They don’t make me feel beautiful, sexy or smart. But I’m not getting rid of them.  

They used to fit me so well. 

I remember those nights at dinner with the girls, I remember strutting down the cereal aisle, I remember dress down Friday’s in the office. 

Ahh they used to fit me so well. 

Now they are in the back of my closet. Utilizing a hanger. Taking up space. Hanging there as a memory. I haven’t worn them in years. 

Why do I still have them? He doesn’t fit me anymore. 

No love lost. So many memories. But it’s time to make some room. 

I loved you and have to let you go.  

~ MissMoxey


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