The Day After..

He said:

“If there is a god how could he be some cruel to me. Why give me something so right an take it ? Why bring light to my dark world to only turn it off ??? Sad part is no one has answers. They just say God knows. If he knew how could he hurt someone like this. Pain like this is what can drive people to hurt other people or themselves. What’s the plan in that ??? But I guess the answer is only he knows right. I have to find away to hide my pain so others don’t have to worry about me. I have to carry this forever. I know have to learn to look for her within the universe. I have to find her wavelength in the wind. Her warmth her touch an her love. This is torture at its finest. But I guess all anyone can say is be strong time heels all. They say that because that’s all they know. That’s what they have been thought to say an they never had to deal with a pain like this. ”


The heaviness of a heart 



  1. I don’t think loss ever gets easier with time. The only thing that gets better is crafting ways to cope with the pain through practice. We weave the pain back into life the best we can and it stains every moment from then on.

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