The Day Before.. 

He said:

” I’m broken. I placed her death on me. Because that’s the only thing that makes sense. I have to take pills to go to sleep now. I’m eating once a day. My gummy bear is gone. I’ll never see her again. I’ll never take that drive up to her to bring her to get steak, salmon an a side of lobster with a dirty martini. She was everything to me. An now I have nothing. I have to go stand near people that never know how good I was to her. That will never know there was a man that loved her unconditionally. An did anything an everything to keep her happy. I’ll never be whole again. I’ll never find another unicorn. I thought we where going to grow old together. I’m broken. An nothing anyone says makes me feel any better or has me thinking I can be fixed. They say time heels. Well what if it doesn’t ?”


So beautifully sad. 


One Comment

  1. A lot of the music I write and play is based on life experiences experienced by me which I know people can connect with in some way, shape or form. I wrote a song called ‘Goodbye’ for this purpose to show how, although someone may be gone in life they can still be there in your dreams so you will never forget them…it’s something different. It’s not your usual song I suppose…if you fancy it, take a look at it and maybe read a few lines of my blog which I put up for each song. I try to get people to appreciate where the song has come from. Thanks anyway for this…

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