The oBEASTity within..

emotion beast

Fighting a beast that lives within-

A beast that whispers defeat-

A beast that’s designed to weigh you down-

A beast that grows with intention-

She’s always there reminding you how strong she is-

She fuels her strength through emotions-

She sharpens her fangs and fixes her hair when she’s stepping out-

She’s ready to pounce on the opportunity to destroy-

She hides. She crawls. She laughs. She smirks.

You realize she is your weakness and your strength.

You realize the beast is what drives you.

You realize she is strong, but you are stronger.

You realize the beast isn’t a beast at all.

She’s love. She’s protection. She’s awareness. She’s consuming.

Embrace her power. Embrace your power.

~Miss Moxey



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