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OKAY.. I know you all watched the Superbowl yesterday. Either your team was playing Denver or North Carolina–( I’m a Seattle fan– so booo to the both of them lol– but Congrats Denver). You were in a pool– tryna win some $$$ (gotta play to win- I didn’t, so no winnings over here), you went to somebodies house to eat, drink and be merry (definitely!), if none of those apply– you know it was just to watch the HALFTIME show (and commercials of course!!)

HALFTIME SHOW : Beyonce and others (no offense to Cold Play and Bruno Mars lol).–  Nice production, good collaboration on songs, a lot of energy. Overall, the show was actually pretty good in my opinion.
Lets speak on this Beyonce/ Black Power/ Black lives matter / Black Panther thing..
“Formation”- the new single by Queen Bey herself. She is a showstopper and she has been for quite some time now. We all watch her– the Beyhive, the haters, the lovers of her talent… everybody. Her performance has gotten mixed reviews and im sorry.. the majority of the people complaining are not of the black race so it figures (sorry, not sorry).

The Black Lives Matter campaign is real. Racism is real. Activism is real. I am NOT a cop hater…I do NOT think everyone is racist and YES all lives matter but listen– today 2016, I totally agree with the fact that cops as well as others are killing black people like they have been for centuries… JUST BECAUSE! Our society uses social media to give a real time view of our lives. So we see whats going on and don’t have to turn on the news or pick up a paper to see it. Its everywhere.

Beyonce is making a statement. She is no different than any of us who have an opinion. She just happens to have a vast reach into our society, more than others. Artist channel their thoughts and feelings into their work… duh! and politics in music did not just appear for the first time in history during Beyonce’s song. Come on.. stop being petty. So why are they mad that shes using her platform to express her truth??? Why can’t we (people of color) feel some type of way about our youth, unarmed men and women being “slayed” It’s fucked up! Period. Point blank. I don’t care who it is.. it takes courage to be bold and step out in front. Beyonce has the world watching her and well.. #boycottingBeyonce is just hate and trying to strip her of her black pride and freedom… again.. running theme.

The moral of this story is, Beyonce is STILL a showstopper. She has people talking.. again. She made a bold statement. It’s not like she called out any names, so stop acting like shes speaking to YOU specifically. But if you’re offended by the subs— you check yourself and where you stand on the matter. RACISM lives and if someone having a problem with it, is a BIGGER problem— well..I’m just saying that’s why she’s saying its time to get in formation. We must stand together and strong, cause the Bullsh!t LIVES too!

Oh and I love leather– so shout out to the BlackPanther attire!


beyonce superbowl


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  1. I agree with you, and no I didn’t watch. I never do if I don’t have a home team in the game. We watch Puppy Bowl!

    I’m not a big fan of women being objectified, but Beyonce’ accepts that in pop, it’s unavoidable, being as it is all about playing with stereotypes. The “look”, the circus aspect of the live show, matters almost more than the music.

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