Red Flags. 

 Mom gave me this long speech this morning about red flags. Basically, when something pops up and you hesitate. The hesitation, was simply a red flag. You know.. Red meaning STOP. Don’t do it.. Go back..Do not enter.. Avert mission.. Warning !! How many times do we ignore the red flag?? For me, I generally grab the flag and turn it into a nice head tie for my hair lol! Red flag? What red flag? Look how cute my hair is! (Wink)

Ok so.. Red flags also show up to me as obstacles being put in your way to stop you from doing something stupid. In a rush, speeding — a car cuts you off and then has the nerve to drive slower than molasses. About to purchase that fly jacket and you get to the register and realize you forgot your debit card. You’re headed downtown for a date with that really cute guy that you met last week and the 1 train isn’t running and the shuttle buses are far and few between. The only thing you can think is.. WTF?! 

What happens when you respect the red flag? You have avoided danger, disappointment, heartbreak, expectations, being broke as hell, hangovers.. Etc. 

What happens when you bypass the warning? Sh!t goes left! It never works out.. No really. Something always happens and then your thought is DAMN IT ! I knew I shouldn’t  have done that! It might not happen immediately, but just wait– the consequence will find you! 

Lol. I laugh because that red tie in my hair.. Is like a signal for the cray to locate me easily (damn shame, I know). 

Anyway— point is.. Don’t ignore the flags, gut feelings, hesitation– whatever you call it– because chances are you are avoiding disaster!! Or go ahead and try outrun it .. When you trip (hopefully you catch yourself) — lol just remember I told you so .. ( this is a reminder for me too. )



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